Content creation: rules for preparing publications

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Content is the main carrier of the philosophy of your brand, its culture, basic principles, fundamental values, corporate ethics. Letting go and posting on Instagram at random means reducing the number of loyal followers and potential sales from your account.

1. Writing a content plan:

To write a good content plan for any niche you need to:

  • Decide on the type of your account. This can be a personal blog or professional account, a brand representative page, or an online store.
  • After – sketch out the structure of the future content.
  • Create a rubricator. In each heading, provide sample topics for coverage. This is the future grid of posts that you will be preparing for the week ahead.
  • Ask your audience a direct question – ask what content they like. Or do it yourself — analyze posts by reach, impressions, and engagement, and best posts.

Content creation

2. Choosing ideas for different types of content:

Selling post ideas:

  • Description of the key benefits of the product.
  • New product announcements.
  • Testimonials from your customers.
  • Comparison of various products, including yours with competitors.
  • Heading “Question-answer”, FAQ from your employees.

Ideas for entertaining and informative posts:

  • Discussion of trends.
  • Company news in a positive way.
  • Workflow with humor.
  • The story of how your company came to be, stories from the lives of your employees.
  • Posts about what motivates you and your team to go to work.
  • Brand philosophy and mission.
  • Funny cases from work.

Ideas for personal posts:

  • Philosophical reasoning.
  • Tell us about your attitude to the product.
  • Talk about intrapersonal changes.
  • Literature lists for study.
  • Plans and dreams of your employees.
  • Cooking attitude.
  • Travels.
  • Your rules and principles of life.

Ideas for tutorials and reputation posts:

  • Posts that help customers use your product. Instructions for using the product.
  • Write down how long it took to learn what you are doing.
  • Information about victories and regalia of your brand/product. As an example: celebrities use it, received a diploma at an exhibition, improved their qualifications, successfully passed certification, etc.
  • Tell us about participating in charity: how do you help take care of nature or help an animal shelter.

What else to post when there is nothing to post:

  • Guest posts.
  • Selections of quotes.
  • Suggestions for discussing news/posts of partners.
  • Interview with experts.
  • Selections of useful resources.