How to increase the activity of followers on Instagram?

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It’s no secret that Instagram is now very popular not only among ordinary users but also for promoting almost any kind of business. And then many people have a question: “How to increase the activity of subscribers on Instagram?” In this article, we will give a few suggestions that affect the activity of followers on Instagram.

активность подписчиков в Instagram

  1. First of all, conduct a marketing analysis of the needs of your potential or actual customers. After all, how to create content if you don’t know your target audience? Find out in the forums, conduct research or survey to understand the desires of potential customers. Then you will not have any questions about what to post and how to attract the audience to communication: you will already understand who these people are, what they care about, what they like and dislike.
  2. The help of friends is also important. You can ask your friends to contribute to your business profile. They will be happy to help you with comments, and new subscribers will be inspired by their example and will also start writing.
  3. In some cases, videos are much better than photos. Learn to make a video and increase its share among the rest of the content.
  4. You can also try new formats and tools: stories, broadcasts. Organize a live broadcast where your employees or you will answer user questions and share insights. Invite partners and host joint live broadcasts.
  5. Be proactive with your viewers. Ask questions, conduct polls, offer to complete the phrase.
  6. Send a welcome email to direct so new subscribers can see your interest in them.
  7. Work with all the comments you receive and respond to them with lightning speed. Ask questions of your target audience, show genuine interest. Connect with your audience, don’t just talk about yourself.
  8. Create your brand personalized. It is much easier for people to communicate online with a specific person. Upload photos that show your character, habits, and features. Share sincerely and subscribers will reciprocate. How else to explain the popularity of bloggers?
  9. In management psychology, there is such an interesting phenomenon as social proof. Its meaning is that people tend to do as most do. When a person comes to your account, for example, from targeted advertising, his interest is still low. It measures your content and how your subscribers react to it. Social proofs on Instagram such as reviews, links, tags, and reposts of other users influence the acceptance of a subscription/purchase best of all.