How to competently organize mutual PR

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On social networks, one of the most common and freeways has become a way to promote accounts, which consists of the fact that accounts are promoting each other. How to properly organize mutual PR?

Free exchange of advertising posts scheme:

  1. At a certain time, an account posts an advertising post/story in its profile and marks a partner.
  2. The partner also writes positive comments and reviews about him in response.

There is another type of PR – this is when popular bloggers use similar promotions for their unknown subscribers.

грамотно организовать взаимный пиар

PR recommendations:

  • Make the agreement on reposts and advertising posts/stories as transparent as possible, and “on the shore” stipulate all the subtleties of mutual placement, taking into account all the nuances.
  • Take your time to settle for SFS. You can lose the loyalty of your followers by partnering with questionable accounts.
  • Check your partner for cheating, otherwise you risk being left without the arrival of new subscribers. You should not cooperate with well-developed partners, even if they have thousands of subscribers. The number of live subscribers of a potential partner is more profitable for you than their number. Check comments for adequacy before drawing conclusions.
  • Accounts from the same area will work better – the target audience of the stylist and the hairdresser is the same. Ditto: athletes and gyms, for example.
  • When placing sponsored posts, take care to notify the sfs-partner of the desired publication time for you.