Why do you need a corporate identity on Instagram?

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The corporate style of the company is a complex of unique attributes and distinctive features assigned to the company. These include:

  • logo and name;
  • motto;
  • used color scheme and design features of products;
  • typical service and business models.

What you need to know about the visual concept of an Instagram account:

  • The purpose of creating a corporate identity: to help build a client’s self-image after purchasing your goods and services.
  • Rely on the feelings of the end consumer. We offer the user to become better, more impressive and beloved in their own eyes (with our products).
  • Be sure to develop a corporate identity for the brand for Instagram: corporate colors, fonts, patterns, graphic elements, filters for photos and videos. In order not to redo and not spend too much on this in the future, make a single style of all important elements from one artist.
  • Don’t change the visual. Don’t confuse users. The redesign is for you if only your company has been on the market for 100 years.
  • Don’t forget about fashionable visual trends as well as classic techniques.

фирменный стиль в Instagram

The corporate identity has key functions:

  1. To attract attention. This is what grabs people’s attention. For example, original and high-quality packaging, an unconventional website, or an unusual sign.
  2. Brand recognition. It’s impossible to remember the logo of every soda on the planet, but Pepsi and Coca-Cola know it all. Just like Apple in the world of gadgets. A well-written Brand Story (an extended version of positioning that is created for consumers) can help with this.
  3. Improving the effectiveness of advertising. The corporate identity gives the brand recognition, quality design and attractiveness. Each of these points increases trust and conversion at different stages of the advertising campaign.
  4. Reducing advertising costs. The corporate identity helps customers to recognize the brand’s products, with its help he knows how the product he needs looks like when it comes to the store. Thus, the brand does not need to constantly talk and spend money to remind customers of its existence and re-tell about itself.
  5. Distinctive features from competitors. There are a large number of players in almost every market. Corporate identity helps a brand to differentiate itself from competitors.