Instagram reposts

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What is a repost in Instagram and why is it needed?

First of all, we note that a repost is a re-publication of someone else’s post within one social network.The advantage of reposting is that the action retains the copyright for the publication. At the same time, the user clicks on the button and your content instantly goes to his page. His subscribers not only see whose content it is but can instantly go to your page. This is a great opportunity to promote your profile if your content is interesting and appealing to other users. If the post is cool, they will want to repost it, and as a result, it will go from one user to another along the chain, keeping your authorship and an active link to the profile.


Reposts spread content across the network, increase reach, and thereby help attract new subscribers. Instagram algorithms evaluate the number of shares on a par with other indicators of engagement: likes, comments.

By the way, more and more marketers are trying to use user-generated content to increase brand awareness and popularize. And voluntary reposts on Instagram are a great opportunity to grow.

If you are a blogger running paid or reciprocal ads for another personal blog, you can always share the post. Such a recommendation would be useful. The image will be clickable and users will be able to read the original by clicking on the link.

Repost for Instagram will allow you to repost an image from a post from someone else’s account but without a description. All you need to do is log in, and then select posts in order to share them by clicking on the Repost button. With this feature, you can also upload interesting news to your account – quickly and without violating copyright.

How to use Instagram reposts to promote

As we have already noted, reposts are one of the main indicators of engagement. If you are interested in promoting your account, then you should strive to create content that you want to share.

You can give your subscribers an incentive to repost your posts. For example, you can arrange a repost contest on Instagram. This is an easy and quick way to increase your post’s reach and promote yourself by using subscribers. To do this, you only need to come up with a practical joke. In this case, make the main or one of the tasks “ repost this post “.

Another option can be with a flyer for a repost on Instagram. If a person has an opportunity to save money on a purchase, he will definitely use it. To do this, you can write in a post: “Repost this entry and get a 10% discount on any product.”

Alternatively, you can always directly ask subscribers to share your content. Tell us why this is important to you, thank you for the reposts and you will see how subscribers will start helping you.