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We can help you take your existing business online or create a new business online.

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Our services include:

  • Review and polish your business idea
  • Support to develop new business ideas
  • Find the best business legal structure
  • Incorporate your business in the United States or other countries
  • Support to do business as an individual or sole proprietorship
  • Obtain Tax ID for your business
  • Register business names DBAs, fantasy names, trademarks
  • Domain name search and domain registration
  • Website design – You will be able to edit and add content to your website
  • Online Shopping Cart design and set up
  • E-Commerce set up
  • Guidance to select merchant accounts and ways to receive payments from your eBusiness
  • Guidance to open bank accounts and business credit cards
  • SEO, search engine optimization
  • Marketing, Advertisement and Promotion for your business.

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